The automatic DUO® mixing unit is equipped with two mixers, each one operated by a performing electric motor that, in the mixing phase, is controlled by inverter. The mixers are assembled on a rotating structure which lets to rotate their position and to see to it that, while one mixes, the other one washes in order that it is ready for the next mixing.
The functional features characterizing this device are:

  • Contemporaneity of the mixing and washing operations; while a mixer sees to amalgamate the previously dosed components, the other one washes;
  • Rotation of the container during the mixing phases;
  • Completed with a grazing shovel that, scraping against the inner walls of the drum, prevents the fouling on the walls, throwing them against the mixer which homogenize them;
  • Controlled “up and down” swinging of the mixer unit in order to grant the very good homogenization of the whole prepared quantity;
  • Planning of the mixing cycles with control of the different parameters by PC, to adjust for the best the machine to the different requirements.

The DUO® mixing device, proposed also in ATEX version, is available in 2 different sizes: DUO® 120 and DUO® 200, respectively for drums up to 120 and 200 liters.


The FOUR®MINI Mod. mixing unit gives a very high productivity or, alternatively, an incomparable versatility to systems for the preparation of mixtures in containers with capacities between 1 and 25lt. Used in the production of paint products and water-based paints for IN-CAN systems or when sampling batches have to be produced. It is equipped with 4 mixers, each one driven by a high-performance pneumatic motor which, during the mixing phases, is controlled by a speed variator.

The 4 mixers are fixed to a plate that, rotating, according to the given setting, allows:

  • The simultaneous mixing of 2 containers while the other 2 mixers are washed to make them immediately ready to mix the next 2 containers.
  • Alternatively: A pair of stirrers is earmarked for mixing water-based products containers; the other one for mixing containers for solvent-based products;

The functional characteristics that distinguish this mixing unit are:

  • Contemporaneity of the mixing and washing phases;
  • Rotation of the container in order to guarantee the excellent amalgam of the mixture components;
  • Up-down movement of the mixer to ensure the perfect mixing both on the bottom and on the surface;
  • Management and storage via PC of the parameters that characterize the different cycles that can be set.

The FOUR®MINI mixing unit is also available in ATEX version.


U&D® is a semi-automatic unit for mixing components contained in drums. The unit in question includes a strong plate to which the pneumatic telescopic column is fixed, which, by means of a selector actuated manually by the operator, allows the mixer to be up / stop / down.

To the over mentioned telescopic column is suspended:

  • the mixer consisting of an INOX shaft, operated by an electric motor, 4.5 / 6 – 4/8 poles – equipped with an impeller; and is fixed laterally:
  • the electrical panel containing the power for the operation of the motor unit controlled by inverter, the pneumatic components and the timer.
  • the siphon for the mixer washing, complete with spraying nozzles, overflow and bottom valve.

At the end of the mixing operations, the siphon is manually rotated by 90°, allowing to follow the mixing cycle with the washing cycle, which automatically takes place.


CLOCK® is a unit for the mixing of fluid components, characterized by a pendular movement that allows it to move, by means of a pneumatic cylinder, from the resting position to the central dosage position.

It is offered in 2 models:

CLOCK-I, to be placed inside the dispenser and therefore suitable to allow intermediate mixing (mixing of components A and B before adding component C) without moving the container from the dispensing position. It allows to avoid flocculation or precipitation episodes;

CLOCK-O, placed inside an autonomous support structure equipped with INOX panels, placed after the dosing unit. Both models, equipped with an independent duct having spray nozzles, include, during mixing, up & down movements of the mixer to allow an optimal mix of the products both on the bottom and on the surface and, at the end of the mixing cycle, an automatic cycle of mixer washing.

CLOCK® is available with electric motorization controlled by inverter or pneumatic motorization with 3 different speeds.