All the plants (used for the batches formulation) manufactured by Pirovano Srl are furnished with the patented dispenser mod. CONCENTRIC®, extremely robust, reliable, performing and equipped with 5 opening metering valves. This dosing head, with unique characteristics, it’s able to deliver sequentially and with extreme accuracy all the fluid products that make up the mixtures.

The dosage of each product is traceable by the use of the electronic scale. So reproducibility and certification of the mixtures prepared are both guaranteed. Made of stainless steel, our dosing head CONCENTRIC® represents the most technologically advanced expression of the dosing systems for fluid products on the market today.

Our CONCENTRIC® dosing heads are available in 4 sizes: up to 28, 34, 56 and 80 valves.


Possibility to dose up to 80 different components in containers of only 80mm. diameter.


Each metering valve moves from the rest position to the dosing position by a relevant pneumatic cylinder. This makes the dosing extremely fast and the valves positioning is extremely precise and more reliable.


The valve is moved by means of a stainless-steel rotary joint which guarantees the perfect positioning of the valve while dosing. Moreover the elimination of any flexible pipes remove all the risks of breakages.


Each valve is able – by means of the special actuator unit common to all the metering valves present in the dosing head – to make up to 5 openings in relation to the quantity to be dosed (large flow, medium flow, small flow, large drops, small drops).


The dosing valve, once the relevant product has been dispensed, is immediately subjected to the washing and drying by means of spray nozzles which, with little detergent solution, removes any deposits in order to avoid damaging crusts. The wastewater is conveyed into the drain without contaminating the collect drops dish.


Management of the dosing system by means of PC units with 32Bit programs in Windows environment, with the sale of components such as PLC.