Pirovano Srl born in the 90s from the long technical & sales experience of its Management, experience achieved initially in the textile field, then expanded in many other sectors, like the genuine & synthetic leather, paints, inks, flexible packaging, wall paper, ceramic, cosmetics, PVC-PU and aluminium coating, plastic and chemicals.

With the indisputable values of a “family driven” company, today Pirovano Srl has achieved truly important results in more than 30 Countries all around the world. Working both with small and multinational companies.

In the selective Automotive Market – Trim and Upholstery Division – our brand is synonymous of excellence having acquired the trust of the major Global Players.

Nowadays Pirovano Srl follows its customers both in a “B2B” form and through valued agents/partners who officially represent the company in different countries and sectors. One way or another, Pirovano’s approach is that one to become a reliable partner of all its customers inside a professional and successful long-lasting cooperation.