Also in this niche market, extremely interesting because of its proactive features, our firm has been able to achieve really important awards, becoming – with flattering results – a reliable supplier of reputable companies which manufacture products for personal care, air care and perfumes.

Thanks to our dispensing “head” – whose model CONCENTRIC® is unique in the world – and which is equipped with dosing valves at 5 openings, our plants are able to handle up to 80 different essences, ensuring the utmost dosage accuracy with very high flow rates. All the dispensing phases can be carried out without having to shif the container from the weighing area.

Perfectly reproducible mixtures are granted along the time.

The reliability – combined with the excellent performances of precision, productivity and functional autonomy – makes our equipment an extremely versatile tool, able to produce mixtures both in small and large containers.

Our Systems, to companies producing nail polishes, allow to obtain and reproduce chromatic shades over time and in line with the new market trends, in bulks ranging from 20 to 180kg and over.